Patient Stories

Arroyo Grande Community Hospital relies on the generosity of our community to help support our efforts of providing quality health care for local programs and services. Generous donor support provides the important funding needed for the programs and services that make amazing patient success stories like these, and so many others, possible.

michael boyerMichael Boyer

In an emergency, every second counts. Michael Boyer, a member of the Arroyo Grande Community Hospital Foundation Board of Directors, has experienced first-hand the prompt and skillful care offered at the Emergency Department




clarence cabrerosClarence Cabreros

Clarence Cabreros, a young local father of a six year-old girl, suffered a stroke that had the potential to change his life forever. After receiving the immediate care he needed, he was admitted to the Acute Rehabilitation Center to work on regaining the everyday abilities necessary to work and care for his family. 




charlie halsellCharlie Halsell

When Charlie Halsell, a local photographer and father of five young children, sustained multiple life-threatening injuries from a terrible motorcycle accident, he needed exceptional medical care. After a month and a half at a trauma center in Fresno, he had to decide where to go to continue his therapy. He wanted to be with near his family, and he also knew that he needed the best care possible. With AGCH so close to home, he decided to come to the Acute Rehabilitation Center where he stayed for two weeks with his family by his side, before returning home. 



Doug Navolt

October 29, 2012 started out as a typical Monday for Christine and Doug Navolt. But when Doug never came home or answered her phone calls, Christine knew something was wrong and began calling local hospitals. Doug had been hit head-on by a car while riding his new motorcycle. He suffered a severely traumatic head inury, broken ribs and neck, damaged his left foot and leg, and severed the main tendon in his left shoulder. By the time Doug woke up, community support began pouring in. On December 6, he was transferred to the Acute Rehabilitation Center at AGCH where he began his road to recovery.


George Popovich

Life-altering events can happen without warning or preparation. Such was the case with George Popovich, a local businessman, husband and father. “All of a sudden he had this debilitating pain,” recalls wife Patty. “He has a high tolerance, so I knew this was a big deal.” George spent one night in the hospital getting the pain under control. But a few months later, George was back in the ER. This time it was life or death – a severe case of pancreatitis that put many of his vital organs at risk.