Hoelle Tompkins Sisterhood Society

Sisters Barb Hoelle, Kathy Tompkins and Anita Wasserman

Hoelle Tompkins Sisterhood Society

The Story

When the Arroyo Grande Community Hospital Foundation was established in 2005, a few dedicated individuals made it their mission to build a successful fundraising program for the hospital. Kathy Tompkins was one of these individuals, and has since given countless hours of work and a great deal of philanthropic support to see this mission through. The Foundation decided to honor Kathy by naming its women’s annual giving society for her.  

Kathy’s life has been filled with strong, giving women. From her sisters to her mother to her friends to her daughters, Kathy has always believed in the power of sisterhood and what we can all achieve when we work together. When Kathy’s mom was suffering with Parkinson’s, Kathy learned first hand about the importance of having access to good health care. But she realized that healthcare alone wasn’t enough to support her mom through this time. She learned that having a community of supportive and dedicated individuals is what ultimately will help us all get through life’s challenging times. Kathy’s sisters, the Hoelles, were the ultimate support. Because of this, Kathy has named the society the Hoelle Tompkins Sisterhood Society. She hopes that through this society, we can come together to create a support network that truly works to build our community and healthcare system to be the best it can.

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