ED rendering

Rendering of new Emergency Department expansion

Emergency Department


In an emergency, seconds count. First responders need to be able to transport patients quickly and know that the Emergency Department has capacity to serve them. Physicians and nurses need adequate space to quickly assess and treat patients.

AGCH’s Emergency Department is currently beyond its capacity –serving more than 22,000 patients a year in a space designed to accommodate 16,000. Nine out of ten patients are local residents. In order for us to adequately take care of our community we need to expand. And despite this growth in the department, most patients are still seen by a physician in under twenty minutes.

  • Nine new patient rooms, a staff lounge, and an isolation room for critical patients will be added, doubling our existing space and patient capacity.
  • Existing examination and treatment rooms and nurse triage station will be renovated, helping to ensure patients get assessed and treated quickly.
  • All patient rooms will be private and clustered around a new nursing station, providing a better patient experience and greater visibility between patients and medical staff.

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