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Patient Assistance Fund

The Patient Assistance Fund provides material assistance and care coordination services for medically fragile and underserved patients. The added stress of financial limitations; such as a lack of housing, unsuitable living environment, inability to afford transportation, and/or a lack of basic personal necessities such as clothing; hinders the healing process. Through the Patient Assistance Fund, the most vulnerable patients are offered a better opportunity for recovery with the following services:

• Shelter (Recuperative/Respite Care)
• Housing (Motel, Room and Board, Assisted Living/Sober Living Homes, etc.)
• Prescriptions
• Transportation
• Personal Necessities (clothing, blankets, home equipment, etc.)
• Care Coordination Services

This continuum of care gives patients a chance to fully recover and helps to prevent the recurrence of illness and injury. We know that medicine holds the power to cure, but it is our shared humanity that holds the power to heal.

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