juanita mcmullen

With a history of caring or the elderly in assisted living facilities, community leader and business owner Juanita McMullen has had close ties to Arroyo Grande Community Hospital (AGCH) for many years. She served on the Arroyo Grande Community Hospital Foundation Board and is a longtime philanthropic supporter of the hospital.

A recent head injury led her to experiencing the hospital in a new way - as a patient. While recovering in the Acute Rehabilitation Center and at subsequent visits for follow-up care, she noticed that there was something special about the staff at AGCH. She was able to watch them from her bed as they walked the hallways with a cheerful demeanor. She recalled, "It was a pleasure to see their smiles and hear their nice comments, and it felt so natural. I was watching it day after day, and I thought, 'This has to be the best hospital staff I've ever met in my life!' My care was excellent."

After experiencing the excellent care at AGCH herself, Juanita feels more passionate than ever about the importance of a strong community hospital. She said, "I've been in our community for many years, and I've been in business for many years. I've supported the hospital because it was really important for me to see it grow. It's such a pleasure to know that we have a hospital that provides such excellent care in our area. The whole staff is phenomenal!"