Our Donors

Our donors never cease to amaze us with the generous ways they support Arroyo Grande Community Hospital. Many of these individuals were treated at Arroyo Grande Community Hospital, or have a close relationship with someone who was.

Nick & Kathy Tompkins

“My husband and I feel incredibly fortunate to be part of this significant expansion of the hospital. The need for quality care at the time when it is most unexpected is essential for the well-being of all of our families.”
- Kathy & Nick Tompkins

Ken & Linda Osty

ken and linda ostyWhen long-time supporters, Linda and Ken Osty, were asked about their commitment to Arroyo Grande Community Hospital, they expressed their desire to help ensure that the community continues to have access to the same exceptional quality of care their family has experienced. The Ostys learned about the opportunity to give through a direct distribution from their Individual Retirement Account (IRA), and they were thrilled. “It’s a no-brainer. The wonderful thing is that you can give as much as you’d like to charity, and both the charity and the contributor benefit. It’s such an easy way to give for anyone who has an IRA. I highly recommend it,” said Linda.

Terry & Linda Fibich

“Quality health care in our community is important to us as we age and also as we welcome grandchildren to our family. The long term strength of Arroyo Grande Hospital is a cause we can get behind – for us, for the community, and for friends, all of which we cherish.”
- Linda & Terry Fibich


Dan & Willo Cashier

"While living in Pismo Beach for the past 18 years, my children, grandchildren, my wife and I have all received healthcare services at Arroyo Grande Community Hospital, including visits to the Emergency Department. Since June 1, 2004, under Dignity Health’s new ownership, management leadership and vision, we have observed that numerous changes have been made in the Hospital’s facilities and management philosophy that has enhanced the quality of healthcare services provided in our community with a very strong focus on patient satisfaction. We were very pleased with the healthcare services we received from the physicians, nurses and staff during our stays and visits. Further, we appreciate the direction of the hospital’s management efforts to continuously improve and expand its facilities and services to meet our community needs by delivering high quality healthcare services that are attuned to every patient’s physical, mental, and spiritual needs.”