behavioral health

Behavioral Health Services

Arroyo Grande Community Hospital - Emergency Department

Behavioral health patients include those who report thoughts of suicide or have severe depression or psychosis, among other diagnoses and conditions. Currently, resources for behavioral health patients are insufficient on both a national and local level. And, the incidence of behavioral health conditions is increasing. When these patients enter the Emergency Department, they are required to wait long periods of time before receiving the proper care due to a number of factors:

  • All behavioral health patients must be evaluated by a Mental Health Evaluation Team (MHET) worker contracted currently only through the County
  • Limited number of MHET workers are available to serve all the county’s hospitals and other public agencies addressing behavioral health patients in crisis
  • Geographically, Arroyo Grande Community Hospital is far from central location of MHET workers in San Luis Obispo

Mental Health Evaluation Team

Arroyo Grande Community Hospital is working with the community to resolve this issue by providing an on-site Mental Health Evaluation Team. This would help meet the needs of behavioral health patients in the following ways:

  • Immediate mental health evaluations
  • Patients will receive the most appropriate care in an efficient manner
  • Smoother and faster transition back to community or to appropriate facility
  • Earlier medication interventions

An on-site Mental Health Evaluation Team worker is a crucial step in making strides to address the behavioral health needs of our community. We hope you will partner with us in providing these much needed services. To help support this program, please click here or contact us.