Transport to Treatment Program for Cancer Patients

One of the major barriers for a cancer patient is finding transportation to their many treatments.

For those battling cancer, it is imperative to keep stress as low as possible. Stress can diminish health and impede recovery. As part of the expansion of cancer services at Arroyo Grande Community Hospital, the Foundation has made it a priority to ensure that the best possible resources are available to patients at Mission Hope Arroyo Grande.

A common barrier that cancer patients face is finding transportation to their many treatments. It is typical to have several doctors’ appointments each week, and a number of issues can make it difficult to get to treatments. A patient may be physically unable to drive, not have the means of transportation, or may not be well enough to use public transportation. Third-party transportation services are a costly expense that many cannot afford to use on a regular basis. The Transport to Treatment program was created to provide safe, comfortable, and reliable transportation for local cancer patients to and from their many appointments at Mission Hope Arroyo Grande.

Additionally, the Cancer Care Fund exists to provide cancer patients in need with financial assistance, cancer support groups, counseling, and diagnostic screenings. The fund also supports an oncology nurse navigator and social worker to guide each patient from diagnosis throughout recovery and connect them with any resources they need.

These services are made possible by community support. If you would like to help provide these services for local cancer patients, please click here or contact us.