Your Cancer Center

Mission Hope Cancer Center, Arroyo Grande

Mission Hope Cancer Center, Arroyo Grande serves local cancer patients with the highest quality of care, magnified by the exceptional programs funded through community support.

One of the extraordinary services offered to patients at Mission Hope Cancer Center, Arroyo Grande is the Cancer Rehabilitation Program, which began in January of 2021. The program helps each patient safely implement healthy lifestyle behaviors into their daily routine, reducing the chance of cancer recurrence and improving many side effects of treatment. The program has already provided over 500 classes.

When former Foundation Board Chair Julie Coleman and her fellow instructors at Pure Pilates were approached about teaching a Pilates class for the program, they did not hesitate. Julie said, “It’s wonderful to see the resilience of these patients. Every one of them has such an amazing attitude, even while going through what I imagine is the hardest challenge of their lives. We all have been humbled and so impressed by it. They are willing and excited to maintain their health and fitness. It’s so great to have the Cancer Rehabilitation Program to help them achieve their goals.”

She continued, “Our staff at Pure Pilates feel very blessed to be able to provide this service to these patients, our hospital and the community at large. It’s been a privilege.”

Mission Hope Cancer Center, Arroyo Grande provides additional services for local cancer patients through the Cancer Care Fund and Transport to Treatment Program. From July 1, 2020 through June 30, 2021, patients were served in the following ways:

• 75 Gas Cards
• 46 Grocery Cards
• 24 Supported with Financial Assistance
• 18 Psychosocial Counseling Sessions
• 21 Genetic Counseling Sessions
• 15 Colonoscopy Screenings
• 76 Nutritional Counseling Sessions
• 455 Transports to Treatment
• 0 Cancer Support Groups (on hold during pandemic)

If you would like to help ensure these services continue to be available for local cancer patients, please donate here.