Cancer Rehabilitation Program

ellen beck

As a local cancer survivor, Ellen Beck knows firsthand the importance of the programs and services offered to patients at Mission Hope Cancer Center, Arroyo Grande. She has been an enthusiastic participant in the Cancer Rehabilitation Program and has reaped the benefits of regaining her strength after the diminishing side effects
of treatment.

Ellen’s recovery journey began before the program was available in Arroyo Grande, and before it was put on hold in Santa Maria due to the pandemic. She now participates in the program at the Cancer Rehabilitation Center at Mission Hope, Arroyo Grande. She said, “Being able to attend in Arroyo Grande is great since it's so close to my home. The center is beautiful and wonderfully equipped and offers many classes. The consistent exercise has helped with both my physical and mental health.”

The Cancer Rehabilitation Program provides a comfortable, safe place for patients to regain strength under the guidance of a certified trainer. Ellen said, “It is incredibly worthwhile for cancer patients to have the option to attend a personalized program taught by an individual knowledgeable about the side-effects experienced from the disease and its treatment. This program helps people to regain their strength and confidence. [Trainer] John is incredibly patient and knowledgeable. He always has tips for stretching and exercising correctly.”

Ellen recently made a gift to support the Cancer Rehabilitation Program to help continue to benefit others. “I am very happy to support this program. It is a very worthwhile cause and benefits many recovering patients,” she said.

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