carrol pruett philanthropic fraternity

Carrol Pruett

The Carrol Pruett Philanthropic Fraternity

The Arroyo Grande Community Hospital Foundation is pleased to announce the Carrol Pruett Philanthropic Fraternity. The fraternity will meet several times per year for social events and presentations from doctors and/or hospital representatives about hospital programs in need of funding. Annually, fraternity members will come together for a celebration and to vote for their favorite project. All funds raised by the society will go to the decided project.

Longtime residents of our community have seen the growth of Arroyo Grande Community Hospital firsthand. Carrol Pruett has been involved with the hospital since it first opened in 1962 – first as a banker that helped provide financing for the local founding doctors to get the hospital’s doors open, and later as a member of the Hospital Community Board. Of course, raising a family in Arroyo Grande meant visiting the hospital as a patient or concerned parent a number of times as well. “In the past 56 years, I have seen our hospital grow, experience occasional setbacks, and develop to where it is today – a modern, well-equipped medical facility with professional and caring personnel, delivering quality medical care for our local area,” said Carrol.

When the Foundation was established in 2005, he was one of its earliest supporters. He said, “My wife Joan and I both recognized early on the need for quality local medical service, and when the Foundation was formed, we determined that this was an excellent vehicle to support the hospital and help expand its services and service levels.” 

Carrol believes that access to good health care is not only important to maintaining the health and medical needs of our community, but that it also is important to the economic health of our community. “Local medical service, and especially a hospital, makes an area a desirable place to live and contributes much to the economy of an area.”

Carrol hopes that the hospital can continue to grow to meet the changing needs of our community members, and to provide a full scope of medical facilities that will prevent the need to leave the area for care. He knows that the Carrol Pruett Philanthropic Fraternity will help. “Philanthropy is important as our hospital is in constant need to keep up with new technology and expanding services. Much of this just cannot be met via daily operating revenues. Our Philanthropic Fraternity will raise funds to support some of these needs,” he said.

Members of this fraternity will learn about programs, services, and funding needs of the hospital in a social setting, and then will be able to select a hospital project that their donations will support with a majority vote. Members will have a voice in making our hospital a stronger facility, as well as the opportunity to forge a meaningful connection with physicians and hospital leadership.

Membership commitment:

Members will make a $1,000 gift each year & attend social meetings quarterly. Payments can be spread over the course of the year.

Members will learn about programs, services, and funding needs of the hospital in a social setting. Members will vote to select a hospital project they would like their donations to fund, and 100% of donations will support the winning project.

Main events:

  • Quarterly social mixers
  • At least one behind-the-scenes hospital tour each year
  • Presentations from doctors and hospital representatives advocating their programs
  • Annual celebration and vote on hospital projects

Benefits of membership:

  • Members will have a voice in making our hospital a stronger facility
  • Meetings will help forge a meaningful connection between physicians, administrators, and members
  • Members will be part of an enjoyable and important social club that supports a good cause.

For more information about the Carrol Pruett Philanthropic Fraternity please contact us.

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