surgical services

Surgical Services

When a government mandate required many surgeries to be postponed or canceled, it quickly became evident just how vital Arroyo Grande Community Hospital’s surgical program is for the community. We have a highly skilled team of surgeons and nurses who carry out critical procedures every day. Arroyo Grande Community Hospital Foundation is partnering with the community to raise $1.5 M to help modernize the surgical suite with advanced technology, improved functionality and facility upgrades.

Advanced Technology
Equipping the staff with advanced technology will help them provide the best possible care for patients. This includes endoscopes, surgical and laparoscopic towers, a mini C-arm, Bovie electrosurgical tools, orthopedic specialty equipment, and urology equipment.

Functionality and Safety
Increasing functionality of the surgical suite will boost efficiency and safety. This includes improved sterilization technology and processes, dedicated space for pre-operative screening, and reconfigured storage.

New flooring, ceiling art, tables and lighting will modernize the surgical suite environment for a better staff and patient experience.

New Programs
Surgical suite improvements will make it possible to implement new programs. Increased space for post-surgical recovery and rehabilitation will allow same-day discharge for orthopedic procedures including joint replacements, ultimately increasing patient capacity. The surgical team will also implement a program for emergent urology and GI procedures.

Continuous educational opportunities will keep staff informed with latest in surgical practices.

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