So Many People Took the Time to Help Me

Jayne and Jack Smith are long time Arroyo Grande residents owning a local insurance company and raising their two daughters in the area. 

When Jayne was scheduled to have surgery at Arroyo Grande Community Hospital with Drs. Eddie and Howard Hayashi Monday afternoon she was anxious to get in and out as soon as possible. Even though due to busy schedules her surgery was delayed for a few hours the surgeons and employees at AGCH kept her informed the entire time. Both of Jayne’s daughters and her husband Jack were even able to visit with her in pre-op until moments before the surgery.  

After Jayne’s surgery, Jack explains how relieved he was “Immediately after surgery the surgeons came out to the lobby and explained what happened, what they found, and helped put me at ease.” 

Jayne was transitioned to a patient room woke up in her room after surgery and describes how thankful she was for the nurses: “Nurses came in constantly during my stay to ensure I understood all of my different pain levels and to explain what I would expect to happen next. Nothing was a surprise because I was always informed.” Every nurse clearly explained each medication and Jayne was informed every step of the way.

Everyone from her physical therapist, a nursing student, volunteers, and the chaplain took the time to ensure Jayne’s every need was met during her recovery at AGCH. It is so important to have clear communication between every care team member that interacts with patients. AGCH strives to make every patient’s experience positive and rehabilitating. 

“Everyone had a fine attitude. I’ve been to other hospitals where people are waiting to get through their shift.” Jack was very impressed by all of the employees he met at AGCH. “People are proud to work at AGCH and take pride in their own professionalism.” 

AGCH prides itself with a comfortable, safe, and enjoyable work environment. When employees are motivated, satisfied, and uplifted the patient care is positively affected making everyone’s experience better.