To the Edge and Back Again

Life-altering events can happen without warning or preparation. Such was the case with George Popovich, a local businessman, husband and father. 

George’s company, Pacific Coast Sunglasses, targets the motorcycle and power sports crowd, so he knows a thing or two about toughness. But a recent case of severe abdominal pain literally brought him to his knees.

"All of a sudden he had this debilitating pain,” recalls wife Patty. “He has a high tolerance, so I knew this was a big deal.” 

Patty rushed her husband to Arroyo Grande Community Hospital, just five minutes from their home. After ruling out a heart attack, doctors told George that he had pancreatitis, an inflammation of the pancreas that can result in excruciating pain.

George spent one night in the hospital getting the pain under control. But a few months later, George was back in the ER. This time it was life or death – a severe case of pancreatitis that put many of his vital organs at risk. 

George doesn’t remember much about the next 12 days he spent in the hospital, but Patty does. “It was really scary,” recalls Patty. “We thought he was on his way out a couple of times.”

George and Patty know that the care he received at Arroyo Grande made all the difference. “All of them were wonderful,” says Patty. “Dr. Hayashi, the hospitalist, the nurses, even the maintenance staff. They provided great care to George and were very comforting to me.”

George says his experience gave him a newfound appreciation for his health. He is more aware of good nutrition and his blood sugar is under control, thanks to follow-up care he has received.

“The hospital exceeded our expectations,” says George. “They were outstanding. And they saved my life.”