Cancer Care Fund

At 57 years old Betty Kern’s life turned upside down.  In October of 2013 Betty learned that she had an abnormal mammogram that would inevitably be diagnosed as breast cancer. Once receiving treatment from a local Oncologist, Dr. David Palchak, Betty was introduced to Mary Fedel, the Nurse Navigator for Arroyo Grande Community Hospital (AGCH). Nurse Navigators have a high level of specialty training to help guide patients through their cancer diagnosis and treatment journey. Nurse Navigators  help coordinate with the patient’s medical team, offer community resources, and help to clarify any of the patient’s questions, all of it free of charge to patients and his or her loved ones.

Betty’s support team was a combination of friends, family, and Mary. “They make me feel like I’m not alone in this journey to recovery.”

Not only did Mary help with some of Betty’s concerns by navigating the many paths to recovery, but her worries of how to afford gas and groceries on top of other bills were alleviated when Betty was offered grocery and gas cards provided through Arroyo Grande Community Hospital Foundation’s Cancer Care Fund. This fund is made possible by the generosity of local community members who want to help lift some of the burdens those fighting cancer deal with.  

“The cards gave me peace of mind to know my gas and grocery bills were taken care of,” Betty explains. Receiving the gift cards was so helpful for her, “It was one less thing I had to worry about.”

Betty’s journey is not over, she has seven more weeks of chemotherapy and five more weeks of radiation, but she is strong and confident in her fight against cancer. She is extremely grateful for the care she has received during her treatment.  From her mastectomy surgery and weekly blood draws to physical therapy, Mary and the staff at AGCH have been there for her every step of the way.  Mary and Betty still speak on a weekly basis and are on this journey together.

For more information on the Cancer Care Fund and how you can support local cancer patients who are struggling to make ends meet, please click here or contact us.