muscular skeletal therapy

Muscular Skeletal Therapy

Many patients in the Acute Rehabilitation Center at Arroyo Grande Community Hospital have suffered from a serious illness or injury that has left them unable to walk on their own. The Acute Rehabilitation Center team is looking forward to the purchase of a wearable robotic exoskeleton – a machine that straps on to the patient’s torso and legs and promotes early mobility, posture, and balance-awareness for patients who are re-learning how to walk. Some benefits of the exoskeleton include:

•Allows patients to stand and walk on their own as it bears their weight

•Controlled by staff with a remote control to guide patient movement 

•Records quantifiable metrics to monitor patient progress based on actual data

•Therapists no longer need to bear the weight of the patient while directing movement

Community support is essential to the hospital’s ability to purchase such technology. Nearly $70,000 was raised toward the exoskeleton at Comedy Night 2017, leaving $100,000 more to be raised through further community support. 

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