naming opportunities

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Cancer Resource Center Institute Name $1,000,000
Emergency Department $1,000,000
Acute Rehabilitation Center Nick & Kathy Tompkins
Cancer Infusion Site $750,000
Diagnostic Center $750,000
Cancer Center Conference Room $500,000
Emergency Department Lobby $500,000
M.R.I. Center $500,000
Acute Rehab Center Activity Room The Flood Family
Infusion Treatment Room $250,000
Cancer Center Waiting Room $250,000
Diagnostic Center Waiting Room $250,000
M.R.I. Equipment $250,000
Ambulance Entry $250,000
Emergency Department Triage Room Vituity
   (1 opportunity remaining) $125,000
Acute Rehabilitation Center Gymnasium Dr. Jesse & Julie Wobrock
Acute Rehabilitation Center Nurses Station $100,000
Acute Rehabilitation Center Family Waiting Room Roy & Bonnie Burke
Acute Rehabilitation Center Therapy Courtyard The Talley Family
AGCH Cafeteria Peter & Carol Lee Keith
Cancer Center Appearance Enhancement Room $100,000
Cancer Center Consult Room $100,000
Cancer Center Infusion Private Room $100,000
Diagnostic Center CT Room $100,000
Diagnostic Center Dexa Scan Room $100,000
Diagnostic Center Procedure Room $100,000
Diagnostic Center Ultrasound Room (2 opportunities) $100,000
Diagnostic Center X-ray Room $100,000
Doctor's Documentation Room $100,000
Emergency Department Nurses Station (2 opportunities) $100,000
Imaging Waiting Room Robin & Stephanie Ventura
Cancer Center Nurses Station $75,000
Emergency Department Specialty Room 2018 Hoelle Tompkins Sisterhood Society
Acute Rehabilitation Center Ambulance Entrance  Andrew & Laurie Mangano, Sterling & Julie Higgins
Cancer Center Pharmacy $50,000
Historical Walkway The Will Family
Emergency Department Staff Lounge The DeNike & Rawlings Family
Acute Rehabiliation Center Conference Room Carrol & Joan Pruett
Physician Sleep Room Specialty Construction, Inc.
Acute Rehabilitation Center Hallway            (1opportunity remaining) Andrew & Laurie Mangano, Sterling & Julie Higgins
Diagnostic Center CT Control Room $50,000
Emergency Department Trauma Exam Room Henri & Carolyn Ardantz
Acute Rehabilitation Center Therapy Room The Schaefer Family & Gold Coast Packing
Cancer Center Conference Catering Room $25,000
Cancer Center Dietician Office $25,000
Cancer Center Exam Room The Flood Family
Cancer Center Nurse Navigator Office Richard & Gloria Cowles
Cancer Center Physical Therapy Office $25,000
Cancer Center Reception Desk Scott & Julie Coleman
Cancer Center Social Worker Office $25,000
Cancer Center Staff Lounge $25,000
Courtyard Fountain CoastHills
Diagnostic Center Admin Office $25,000
Diagnostic Center Lab Draw Room $25,000
   (3 opportunities remaining)  
Diagnostic Center Lab Pantry $25,000
Diagnostic Center Manager Office $25,000
Diagnostic Center Reception Area $25,000
Diagnostic Center Radiologist Reading Room $25,000
Diagnostic Center Radiology Tech Work Room $25,000
Diagnostic Center Staff Break Room $25,000
Emergency Dept Behaviorial Health Room $25,000
Emergency Department Cardiac Exam Room Gary Grossman, Sara Grossman and Coastal Community Builders
Emergency Department Entrance Garden Scott & Julie Coleman
Emergency Department Fast Track Room The Tsao Family
  Hardy & Judy Hearn
Emergency Department GYN Exam Room $25,000
Emergency Department Isolation Room $25,000
Emergency Department Manager's Office The Hardy Team
Emergency Department Medication Room Richard & Gloria Cowles
Emergency Department Ortho Exam Room $25,000
Emergency Department Registration Blanche Hollingsead
Emergency Department Case Management Michael & Ashlea Boyer
Emergency Department Vestibule Dan & Willo Cashier
Main Hospital Entrance Garden Community Health Centers of the Central Coast
Main Hospital Vestibule AGCH Auxiliary
Acute Rehabilitation Center Rooms $15,000
   (9 opportunities remaining) in memory of Kaz & Mitzi Ikeda
Cancer Center Pantry $15,000
Cancer Center Conference Storage Room $15,000
Emergency Department IT Room $15,000
Radiology Corridor/Hallway Dennis & Sherrie Delzeit
Cancer Center Clean Utility Room $10,000
Diagnostic Center Changing Room $10,000
   (3 opportunities)  
Diagnostic Center Lab Procedure Room $10,000
Diagnostic Center Lab Processing Room $10,000
Emergency Department Private Exam Room The DePue Family
  in honor of Lynne Eastman
  The Fibich Family
  The Toby C. Goodwin Family
  Frank & Trudy Jarratt
  J & Kathy Johnson
  Dr. James, Kerin & Cyrus Mase
  Joe & Sue Schimandle
  Dean & Judy Sorenson
Radiology Dressing Room (Female) Pacific Premier Bank
Radiology Dressing Room (Male) Pacific Premier Bank
Emergency Dept. Utility Room (2 opportunities) $10,000
Cancer Center Supply Room $5,000
Diagnostic Center Supply Room $5,000