acute rehab

Acute Rehabilitation Center

Our Acute Rehabilitation Center is the only one of its kind between Salinas and Santa Barbara, providing physical, speech and occupational therapy to patients recovering from surgery, traumatic injury or a serious medical event such as a stroke. The center is consistently full providing intensive, accelerated physical and rehabilitative care.

Updates and Additions
  • A larger gymnasium and additional therapy rooms will enhance patient care and allow patients space to move.
  • Enhanced facilities and dedicated space allows for additional therapies and technology such as the Andago and Armeo Spring.
  • Plans also include the extension of alternative therapy such as recreational therapy and the advancement of our patient and family support groups.

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kerry nau

“All of our patients in the Acute Rehabilitation Center have undergone a traumatic experience that brought them here, and we want them to receive the best recovery possible! The additional space will help provide patients undivided attention during therapy sessions, allow space for use of innovative technologies and help us create practice scenarios for home/community settings and overall speedy recovery. It will make such a difference for our patients recovery so that they can get home to their loved ones sooner.”

Kerry Nau, Program Director, Acute Rehabilitation Center