Advanced Mammography Technology

Early detection is key in the fight against cancer, and technological advancements have made this more achievable than ever. Arroyo Grande Community Hospital Foundation is partnering with the community to raise $650,000 to bring Hologic 3Dimensions Mammography and Biopsy technology to Coastal Diagnostic Imaging Center, increasing breast cancer survival rates for local women.

• Generates four times more data in higher definition than current SenoClaire mammography machine
• Ability to detect cancer earlier, increasing survival rates
• Reduces patient compression time to 5-10 seconds from current 30-40 seconds
• Decreases biopsy rates by increasing confidence in cancer vs. questionable cancer
• Biopsies performed in 3D provide an accurate, detailed view of round masses
• Specimen analyzer determines if the correct tissue is captured for biopsy, decreasing biopsies per patient and minimizing trauma to the breast tissue
• Lower radiation dose
• Increased patient screening capacity from four per hour to six per hour

To help provide this advanced technology, you can make a gift here, selecting Imaging Fund as the gift designation, and please add "Mammography" in the comment box. 

For more information, please contact us.