Advanced Mammography Technology

Early detection is key in the fight against cancer, and regular mammography screenings are recommended for a large portion of the population. Thankfully, recent advancements in technology have made it possible for mammograms to be completed in a fraction of the time with enhanced ability for early detection of abnormalities and greater comfort during the exam. The unease many women feel at their mammography appointments will now be alleviated with comfort and peace of mind.

With community support, the new Hologic 3Dimensions Mammography and Biopsy technology is housed at the Coastal Diagnostic and Imaging Center (CDIC), where patients can easily move between the CDIC and the Coastal Surgical Institute next door.

With the new technology, compression time will be reduced to 5-10 seconds from the typical 30-40 seconds, and the high definition system generates four times the amount of data than CDIC’s current 3D mammography machine. Greater breast tissue definition allows for earlier and more accurate detection of abnormalities, which will increase survival rates for women in our community.

The higher definition will also make it easier to accurately identify if a mass is cancerous or not, reducing the number of unnecessary biopsies. When 3D biopsies are performed with the new technology, the specimen analyzer determines if the sample has captured the correct tissue, decreasing , almost in real time, repeat biopsies for patients and minimizing trauma to the breast tissue.

Arroyo Grande Community Hospital Foundation has a fundraising goal of $650,000 to help bring this technology to CDIC, making early detection of breast cancer more achievable than ever for local women.

To help provide this advanced technology, you can make a gift here, selecting Imaging Fund as the gift designation, and please add "Mammography" in the comment box. 

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